Hearing Loops for Churches and House of Worship


People come to church to be a part of a congregation, to hear the message.

Echo, reverberation and distance from a sound source in a room are all factors that reduce hearing comprehension and can make it more difficult to distinguish the speech signal. It is a common misunderstanding that hearing loss is only about loss of loudness. For people with hearing loss, it is about separating the sounds they want to hear from the sounds they don’t want to hear. Turning up the volume of the sound system doesn’t make it easier for a person with hearing loss to understand the message.

This is where a Hearing Loop System in Churches can help.

A hearing loop wirelessly sends the audio signal from the facility’s microphone and sound system to those wearing t-coil compatible hearing aids or cochlear implants. The telecoil picks up the sound from the hearing loop and directs it through the hearing aid to the ear. This improved signal to the ear provides speech clarity that amplification alone cannot provide.

With a Hearing Loop installed, you ensure your church members with hearing loss not only hear the message, but continue to be a valued and vital part of your worship community.

Thanks again for getting this technology in our sanctuary…bringing clear sound to so many……Larry Link, Associate Pastor of Education Ministries, First Baptist Church, Arlington, Texas