Hearing Loops for Performing Arts

Performing Arts Centers and Theaters

Hearing Aids need a boost in situations where speakers are situated far from audiences, or a play is being held in a large auditorium where ambient noise interferes with speech. Noise introduces hearing demands, in that the user has to discriminate the sound of interest from a mixture of other sounds.

Hearing Aid users are not seeking amplification.  What they need is better speech understanding and the ability to suppress background noises while bringing speech to the forefront.

Broadcasted sound will be sent directly to the hearing aids via the telecoil, thereby improving the signal to noise ratio. Telecoils are advantageous in these looping environments due to their ease of use, with no pairing required to tap into the broadcasted signal. The telecoil program can be activated by a simple press of the program button or by switching to the telecoil (T) setting.

Hearing Loops for Performing Art Centers and Theatres means payback from increased attendance by those who no longer go because of the challenges of hearing loss.  This means making one’s events optimally accessible to all attendees.