Hearing Loops for Schools and Colleges

It is scholastically and emotionally critical for students to understand their teachers, professors, and school officials. Even with mild hearing loss, the listening effort is exhausting.

The goal in schools or universities who work with students with hearing loss, is to increase the size of their “Listening Bubble”, which is the distance in which a hearing-impaired person can hear clearly (normally 3 to 6 feet with hearing devices). This concept helps explain how far a teacher can be from a student.

To overcome distance in the classroom or lecture hall, Hearing Loop Technology eliminates background noise and echoing by sending a signal directly to your hearing device. Imagine hearing the instructor as though they were only a few inches from your ears, no matter where you are in the room.  Alternative systems, such as FM or Infra-red, require the user of wearing cumbersome headsets over their hearing devices.