Hearing Loops for Transportation  Coach-Bus-Taxi

There is a growing requirement for the installation of Hearing Loops for Public Transportation. The inside of a bus, train, airplane or transportation terminal can be noisy enough that passengers with ordinary hearing aids can’t separate important public announcements from the sound of a crowd, a crying baby, background music, or nearby conversations. A hearing loop can make a dramatic difference, enabling most hearing aid wearers to clearly hear the PA system by broadcasting its sound directly into their ears.

This is how Hearing Loops help.

Due to their direct connection to the user’s hearing aid(s), Hearing Loop for Transportation, Hearing Loops for Buses, Hearing Loops for Taxi, Hearing Loop for coach busesHearing loops are the only ‘Assistive Listening’ technology suitable for use on public passenger vehicles. This is because the users of the service may only be on board for short periods and have no direct access to staff, providing no opportunity to distribute receivers.

It’s imperative to ensure those passengers can access the same travel information in an indiscriminate manner as a hearing person.


“What happens is, the only sound you get is what the speaker is ‘saying’ into the system – no echoes, no people sneezing or coughing. That’s what makes it so good!”