Benefits to the individual:

  • All hearing aid and cochlear implant T-coils work with all loop systems WORLDWIDE!
  • Improves the signal (what you want) to noise (what you don’t want) ratio, sending crystal clear sound directly to your ear
  • No advertising that you’re hard of hearing! It offers an easy and invisible solution to a invisible problem
  • Easy activation. Switch to T-coil
  • No juggling between hearing aids and headsets like FM and Infra-red
  • No pairing like Bluetooth

Benefits to businesses:

  • Looping system helps your business communicate more efficiently and confidentially to hard of hearing individuals
  • Reasonable installation costs with virtually no maintenance required
  • No limit to the number of users on the system
  • Loop Listeners can be purchased for those without suitably equipped hearing aids
  • Hearing Loops are ADA compliant
  • Hearing Loops are the preferred assistive listening system where FM and infra-red systems usually sit unused


“it is awesome to be able to understand, not just hear.  I don’t think folks with normal hearing can appreciate just how awesome it is!”