Public Buildings, Worship Centers and Meeting Halls

Large churches and auditoriums are usually very reverberant and that can make hearing very difficult for those with good hearing, let alone anyone hard of hearing or using a hearing aid. They would find it almost impossible to hear anything clearly at all. Hearing loops can remove almost all of the ambient noise, allowing anyone using the a proper receiver or hearing aid with a t-coil to hear better.

Hearing Loops for Smaller Churches, Funeral Homes and Meeting Halls

Museums, Galleries and don’t forget the Zoo are ideal for delivering feature rich content and maintaining the interest of your visitors. If you had a listening loop adjacent the exhibit that allowed anyone standing within a certain radius to hear commentary on the subject. Another advantage of this type of system that it is totally silent, only the recipient can hear so others can enjoy the exhibit in silence.

Walnut Hill First United Methodist Church

Smaller Churches, Funeral Homes and Meeting Halls can also be wired with hearing loops. This allows the hard of hearing to listen to not only the platform speaker but comments from the audience along with any other audio sources.

Museums, Galleries and Zoos