Hearing Loop Tables

The Hearing Loop Table (Loop Table) is an ADA compliant handcrafted table with a built in hearing loop system. The Loop Table houses a Contacta HLD5 hearing loop driver, digital mixer, and four hearing loop modules under the surface of the Table to provide a complete hearing loop system for up to four people. Two or four minimally invasive flush mounted microphones are built into the surface to pick up speech at the Table. For users with a hearing instrument in the T-Coil program or with use of a Contacta RX20 Loop Listener, the speech at the Table will go directly into the user’s ear significantly reducing background noise. The Loop Table produces clear sound, allowing improved comprehension and communication in settings with ambient noise.


Each table is handcrafted, made in the USA
ADA compliant table dimensions, handicap accessible
Contacta HLD5 Hearing Loop Driver
Internal Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
Constant ‘ON’ mode when plugged in. Users to do not have to request assistance to use and can be independent in their usage.

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