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The Medium Area Infrared Transmitter with Modulator combines an infrared modulator and transmitter, providing a wide  angle of emission with a sleek and  compact design (available in both black  and  white).  With a coverage area of 1,938ft² it is ideal  for use  in medium-sized environments.

All audio signals are  modulated to infrared signals 2.3MHz or 2.8MHz.

The unit’s  range can  also  be  increased and  the  angle enlarged by combining two  Medium Area Infrared Transmitters. The range of the  combined units  is up to 3,983ft² at one-channel transmission, ideal for large areas.

A wall and ceiling mounting kit is supplied.

Additional information

Weight 0.66 lbs
Dimensions 3.11 × 10 × 2.51 in

For use in any situation where infrared systems can provide multiple listeners with clear sound:

• Conference and Meeting Rooms
• Cinemas and Theatres
• Courts
• Lecture Halls, Schools and Universities
• Places of Worship

Color Options

The fascia is removable and available in both black and white

What is Included

• Medium Area Infrared Transmitter w/ Modulator

• Wall/Ceiling Mounting Kit

Technical Data

Power Supply Input:
100-240V AC / 50-60Hz

Power Supply Output:
24V DC / 0.8A (2.5mm barrel plug – center contact »positive«)

Connection Cable:
2 x barrel plug, 2.5mm

Carrier Frequencies:
2.3 MHz (A-channel) and 2.8 MHz (B-channel)

Transmission Power:

Coverage Area:
Single transmitter: 1-channel operation 1,938ft² (180m²)
Combined mode (2 transmitters): 3,983ft² (370m²)

Cinch (RCA) for left and right and/or A and B-channel

Microphone Input:
3.5 mm jack plug – sensitivity adjustable via control dial

Inputs/Outputs for Combined Mode:
Primary Transmitter: Power-out 24V, audio-out “sync out”
Secondary Transmitter: Power-in 24V, audio-in “sync-in”

LED Display:
Input-level indicator LEDs, 1 per channel

Ambient Conditions:
0 – +50°C ambient temperature (non-condensing, non-corrosive environment)

Mounting Options:
Wall or ceiling mounting kit included


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