Portable InfoLoop


Portable Info Loop


Portable Info Loop with power supply

Contacta PIL Portable Hearing Loop offers versatile, desktop assistance for people with hearing loss who use telecoil-equipped hearing instruments or cochlear implants.

No installation works are required. The unit is powered by a rechargeable battery and is always ready for immediate use if charged correctly. It may remain on standby all day and re-charged at night ??? or it can easily be put away after each use either in a carry case or on our wall mounted charging unit.

The microprocessor controlled Portable Hearing Loop features the latest loop technology with automatic gain control, noise ???gating??? to improve reception of speech, and automatic standby mode to conserve battery life. It has a maximum magnetic field of 4ft /1.2m radius from the control unit.

Fully portable, the system comprises two components: the PIL control unit and power supply unit.

Additional information

Weight 3.8 lbs

??? Customer service counters ??? Home visits ??? Interview areas ??? Meeting rooms ??? Reception desks ??? Situations where a loop facility is only occasionally required


??? Easy to use ??? No installation required ??? Simple, neat solution with no trailing wires ??? Lightweight, neat and compact ??? Full range of accessories as optional extras


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