At Southern Star Technology, we are dedicated in providing a much needed service for the hearing impaired, through specialized hearing assistive technologies. To do this, we have positioned our company to offer top quality products, outstanding technical knowledge and superior customer support. We always include a site visit and analysis of your home or facility prior to implementation.

classroom hearing loop

All hearing loops are custom design to meet the IEC 60118-4:2006 standards. We offer top of the line products manufactured by Contacta and Listen Technologies. Maintenance contracts are offered to keep your new hearing loop system running properly.

Hearing Loops provide clear sound that provides clarity and understanding for those with hearing aids and cochlear implants. Improved hearing will result in a dramatic increase in comprehension and listening pleasure. Hearing loops broadcast personalized sound to your ear, so listening to a good hearing loop system is like having the speaker talking right into your ear.


“I didn’t have to work so hard to hear the speaker”